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040 Creating High Converting Online Contests with Stuart McKeown from

Running a Successful Contest

1. Run contest on your own site, see to see an example of in action.  In general, length of contest should be anywhere from one to 3 or  4 weeks.  Too short, you might not get enough participants, too long, people might not want to enter because it's too far.    Experiment to see which length works for you.  After someone enters a contest, they are more likely to browse your website then if your contest were on a Facebook tab.

2. Choose an attractive prize.  Pick something of value and relevant from your site.  Service, coaching sessions or product base if that is something you're selling.  For example, if you are Zappo's, a pair of shoe or one hour coaching session for swimming. 3. Use previous entrants to re-enter the new contest and share.  If they love your first contest, they have to love it even more the second time around?  If you know the rule of compounding for investing, it's the same concept. 4. Turn activity into sales.  Take advantage of the traffic coming to the contest.  Get optins and a newsletter going to promote your brand.  If you're reaching new customers though the contest, they probably don't know much about your brand.  Get them into an email sequence and even offer them relevant discounts for their first order.  


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