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041 How to Build A Jewelry Business with Corey Lolley from Maya Jewelry

Corey Lolley created MAYA in 2006. Her inspirations include movement in the natural world, life experience, street fashion, architecture, and the art and customs of indigenous cultures. She has been an active member of the piercing community since 1994 when she got her start in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. She expanded her focus to developing the freshest jewelry designs from the most luxurious materials by utilizing her knowledge of industry trends, standards, and modern and ancient design aesthetics. Each Maya piece is an aspectual reflection of the communities and tribes who inspired them, and an offering back to those same communities.


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Ecommerce Platform: Miva

Marketing Tips: Uses Instagram for promotions and newsletters/catalog. Get people engaged and form a community. Seek out influencers to grow your business.

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