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043 Email Deliverability with Lead Post Master of Ontraport, Brendan Dubbles

The art of writing engaging email is no longer a "simple" task that you can just check off.  It involves planning out your campaign sequence, writing out the message specific to your segment, delivering your email and following up.  Today on the show, we have Brendan Dubbles from Ontraport to talk to us about everything we need to know about getting our emails delivered to the inbox of our customers or prospects.  You work hard on setting it up, listen to how we can increase the chances it delivered.

In this show, we talk about:

  1. What deliverability is?
  2. Why it matters & the cost of ignorance
  3. The different types of issues inbox v spam box v promotions folder v blocked out right
  4. How anyone can tell if they have a problem (most don't know)
  5. Fixing an issue
  6. Setting up systems so that the issue never returns
  7. The outlook of deliverability for the next 5 years and the impact it will have on anyone selling online
  8. Diversifying communication methods here - the importance of email, SMS, and social in a cohesive strategy)


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