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033 James Lees from Advantage Learn | Online Learning Course

Today on the show, I have James Lees from Advantage Learn, a South Africa startup with passionate educators who started teaching in 3 facility centers before offering online courses with no VC funding.  

We'll get into his background and what it took for him to get started and his approach over the past year in launching his business and his plans to grow.

James talks about his journey on finding the technology behind Advantage Learn.  Launched "click to learn" as their minimal viable product, platform to allow users to find the course, make a purchase and take the course - two courses with multiple modules. James talked about the "Ecommerce triangle", Three Levers of Ecommerce: Price, Quantity, and Conversion.

  1. How much it cost people to purchase your product and convert?
  2. At what quantity they are buying your product and convert?
  3. Conversion, how many people add the course to their cart and make a purchase.  Find your balance, the high price will only need low quantity OR low price and high volume to get your highest conversion.

Email marketing contains the highest conversion for his audience because their emails contain focused content - one course per email vs. slamming users with multiple courses/product in one newsletter.

There have been many studies done before on this theory, that more choices are better for the consumer, but in actuality, people who were offered more choices, ie ice cream flavors or candy, purchased much less than people who offered fewer flavor or choices.

His rule for automation, anything that you do that is exactly the same three times, find technology that can automate it.

Choose the broadest tool if you can, meaning technology that is widely accepted by other technology. ie Xero to WooCommerce.


Convertkit - I partnered with Convertkit to get you 30 days for free, using this link.


Connect with James Lees on our Facebook Group.

Website: Advantage Learn

Ecommerce Platform: Wordpress/WooCommerce

Email Service Provider: Mailchimp

Other tools: PayFast (for payment gateway), Xero (for accounting)



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