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Graphic T-Shirt Startup Story of Vestige Brand

See how Mark DiMuzio help co-found Vestige by using his contacts in wholesale with about a dozen graphic t-shirt designs and start selling to retail shops like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.

Tweet this Listen to Mark DiMuzio as he shares his journey of realizing his graphic t-shirt apparel company, click to listen.

Key Points Discussed:

  • How Vestige Brand got started
  • Why did Mark choose graphic t-shirts as his niche?
  • How to get into retail stores?
  • Which platform do they use?
  • Sourcing T-shirts started in Los Angeles and then moved Colombia and China
  • I love Mark's strategy on finding good screen printers (or any vendors for your market)
    • If your product requires some sort of machine to produce or customize, call the manufacturer and see who they have sold to
    • Visit the shops that have those machines and pick the ones you want to work with
  • Warehouse and wholesale fulfillment

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