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Material is a truly free Ecommerce platform coming out to the market, no transaction costs, monthly hosting fees. or plans.  

Out of the box, all themes comes fully responsive and has a marketplace for additional add-ons.  

This Ecommerce platform is built to provide you a great way to quickly build your website with a real-time editor. As of today (the day I posted this article), I have not received access to this Ecommerce platform, but I can't wait to check it out and tell you guys what I think.

5 Tips for Getting Sales After Your Launch!

  • Social media is your best friend. It’s impossible to make it anywhere in the world of Ecommerce without having a strong social media presence. Master Instagram, Facebook and whatever other new social channels are popping up, and be sure to provide your followers with unique, intriguing content. People will only want to follow you if you have something interesting to say, so think abstractly about how you can capture their attention!
  • SEO is super important. needs SEO. needs SEO. An online artisanal dog treat store needs SEO. Your cousin’s online jewelry store needs SEO.  You need SEO. Even basic knowledge of SEO will get you ahead of the game and increase your chances of ranking well on Google. So pick up a book, get cozy, and school yourself in the ways of optimization.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. Everyone fails: messing up shouldn’t discourage you. Instead, fail fast, and fix it fast. Is something not working? Are people not happy? Do some testing, listen to your customers, and figure out how to make things right. Failing isn’t a failure, but continuing down the wrong path of business can be.
  • Hone your focus. When opening an online store, it can be tempting to go into business across the board. You like woodworking, camping, and brewing your own beer, so you’re store is filled with carving tools, tents, and brewing kits. While it’s important to follow your passion, you can’t follow too many interests. Pick one thing, and stick to it.
  • Look sharp. No one likes an ugly website. If your site isn’t user friendly, it’s likely that those users can find what they’re looking for somewhere that’s built better. Take the time to not only set up an easy-to-navigate, sleek store, but also to create graphics and social imagery that will be appealing to potential customers.


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