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037 Building Nomad with Noah Dentzel

Listen to how Noah Dentzel from Nomad, build his Ecommerce business. His story kind of reminds of rags to riches in terms of him and his partner started with basically nothing and bootstrapped their marketing outreach by spending thousands on shipping samples to influencers to help get traction, getting funding from Kickstarter to where they are now. Nomad is evolving. Their new Apple Watch products showcase the evolution of Nomad into a smartwatch first accessories company. They believe the smartwatch will soon eclipse the smartphone as the number one mobile device, including telephone and camera. One thing that isn’t changing is our uncompromising commitment to absolute portability in designing essential tools for the modern Nomad. They got our start on Kickstarter in 2012 with our first mobile charging product, ChargeCard, raising over $160,000 in 40 days. Since then, they have grown to a family of minimalist, portable and rugged smartphone and smartwatch accessories. Now, they sell to retails in over 20 countries

His tips and strategies include:

Using long-form product pages to tell a story

Get products to influencers Use the latest and best technology to get the best practices.

Uses hellofax and Google drive.

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Ecommerce Platform: Shopify 

Email Service Provider: Klaviyo

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