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039 Asim Khan from Wedding Favorites | Starting an online business with a full-time job

Listen to how Asim and Hina Khan built their wedding store, over 16 years ago.   Their business idea is focused on the modern and contemporary look to wedding favors as their market separator because they both enjoyed arts, crafts and planning for their wedding.

They used a drop-ship model to start out with items that they didn't have

They used a drop-ship model to start out with items that they didn't have capacity, hand made some products like vellum envelopes and get some supplies and customize it before shipping to the customer. My favorite quote: “Replatforming sucks!” - Asim Khan Bootstrapped and built the website development and Hina with the design and photography before hiring out these aspects of the project when they were more profitable  

Tips from Asim

  • Have good content, write for the customer.
  • Cross promote with other companies
  • Perseverance
  • Create a weekly and monthly plan
  • Good health and workout routine

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Ecommerce Platform:  Miva


Order Management: Stone Edge Order Management

Email Service Provider: Constant Contact

All about shipping with Anthony Bottoli on episode 8.

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