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042 Robert Stanley with Directfix and Youtube Marketing

Check out my conversation with Robert Stanley of  He has been in the business since the Palm Pilot days (what is that?) and had a great conversation with him to talk about Youtube marketing.  Here are some quick bullet points on what was discussed, but please listen to the show for all the great tips that he had to offer.

  • Started in 1998 selling Palm Pilot parts on eBay before evolving into a website, powertothepalm as a how-to informational site
  • In the year 2000, he decided to make it into a company as
    • starting with selling 2 parts
  • Take apart videos with the first iPhone that went viral
  • Miva Merchant started with using Big Step. Used hostasaruas as a host and used Miva
  • Build and designed his own website before outsourcing the new redesign to Miva a couple of years ago


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