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Creating a Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

Pat, if you can pick only one business model, knowing everything you know today to move forward with for the rest of your entrepreneur life, WHAT WOULD IT BE?  

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Key Points Discussed:

  • His experience at the Marketing Impact Academy conference (hosted by Chalene Johnson).  How he created the Power Up Podcast course in 2.5 weeks for MIA.

Perfection stops people in their tracks.  

Creating an Online Course

  • When we're creating an online course, we're faced with a daunting task of delivering a high-value course with lots of modules, videos, and downloads.
  • Start with an online class that has enough information that will allow your members to get started with.
  • Launch with a small number of beta members using the "create as you go" technique to provide valuable content only.
  • A small audience will allow for a more intimate community when you first launch to allow you to address any issues with the course and to fix or enhance based on feedback.
  • After purchase, make sure you have a welcome video to keep the engagement and motivation high.
  • Get engaged by answering questions.
  • Automate email by creating triggers for certain milestone of starting and completing the different modules.
  • Add a community to keep each 

Smart from Scratch Launch Strategy

Using Convertkit, Pat segmented his launch using these 3 types of audiences.  By segmenting your audience, you can get specific and write emails that pertain to where the subscriber originated from.

  • If your course is not yet ready to launch or closed for enrollment create a landing page to collect emails for a wait list
  • Opt-ins from the companion course, "Will It Fly" book
  • Current email list of subscribers who has previously indicated that they have not started their business yet, either through email survey or gated content on your blog post on topics. 

What's stopping some people from starting their own business? Pat used the analogy of skydiving.

Ecommerce Resources Mentioned:


  • Get to manage your email automation with a powerful rule-driven engine.  If you sign up with my partner link, I'll give you a $10 Amazon gift card for any paying plan.  If you're learning more about email marketing and automation for Ecommerce, click here.
  • Do you currently run an online business but struggling to get sales? Click here to learn about getting actionable strategies to boost sales and sustain it.
  • Ecommerce Launch Formula to learn how to start an online business

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