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How to Hit Amazon's Bestseller List

Laura Petersen has taken lessons learned from a successful tutoring and test prep company to grow her businesses in a new passion: podcasting. [And an old one too: writing!]

With Podtent Marketing, she helps mid-sized businesses with a high-touch, done-for-you service to launch a podcast and power a content marketing strategy. (

She is the Executive Producer of Brandon T. Adams’ podcast Live to Grind, an award-winning, twice-weekly podcast for entrepreneurs. And his business partner in Accelerant Media Group that contains the Live to Grind brand under its umbrella as well as full-service branding, crowdfunding, and marketing for elite clients.

Her own podcast is called Copy That Pops and her #1 Amazon Best-Selling book Copywriting for Podcasters: How to Grow Your Podcast, Brand, and Business with Compelling Copy is available on Amazon (

She created an effective course to help solopreneurs and entrepreneurs with small teams to earn the “#1 Amazon Best-Seller” title without the need for an email list or marketing budget.

In addition to teaching, learning, and all things podcasting, Laura loves international travel (40 countries and counting!) with her husband and their dog Tuck, lots of garlic, and re-runs of the I.T. Crowd.

Tweet this @LaptopLaura shares her incredible Amazon Best Seller strategy on @eStoreCoaching podcast today! 

 Key Points Discussed:

  • Three components to getting on Amazon's Best-Seller List
    • Selecting the category
    • Timing the release and pricing of the book
    • Marketing
  • Laura's process of creating her Kindle copy and then developing her physical paperback book using Create Space
  • Laura's strategy is to price your Kindle book at $0.99 for the first three days (it's the cheapest you can have it in order to count as a best seller on Amazon in the paid category) from Monday to Wednesday.
  • How many books did Laura have to sell in order to get on Amazon's best seller list?  Listen to the podcast to find out!
  • Presale vs. sale
  • Are there rules on for hitting the best seller list? 
  • What format is the best to launch with? ie EPUB, pdf, physical book?
  • Are there certain categories that are easier than others?
  • Marketing plan
  • Reviews may not help in getting your book listed on the best-seller list, but it does help in maintaining your position on the top seller list (in addition to sales)
  • Book cover designs?
  • Why should you price your Kindle book as paid instead of free?

Ecommerce Resources Mentioned:


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  • Ecommerce Launch Formula to learn how to start an online business



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