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Mastering LinkedIn Advertising + Strategies with AJ Wilcox

After AJ Wilcox began advertising on LinkedIn in 2011, he quickly discovered its powerful potential for business to business (B2B) advertisers. AJ was so passionate about the results he was seeing, he left his job to start B2Linked in 2014 and today's he shares his LinkedIn strategies so that you can get started!

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 Key Points Discussed:

  • Difference between LinkedIn vs. other social media ads?

    • Expect to spend $6 to $8 per click, great for larger deals or sales of approximately $15,000, making this great of SaaS and consulting services.  B2B on Facebook, expect to spend about $0.80 to $1.00 per click.
  • Split testing between Linkedin vs Facebook on the same ads

    • Better conversion (8-30%) on Linkedin, higher cost
    • Lower conversion (5-15%) on Facebook, lower cost
  • How do you actually set up an account, do use your personal account or up a separate business account?

  • Discussed a basic LinkedIn advertising funnel for any beginners to start with.

    • Audience - narrow your audience with these 4 criteria's! Job title, job function, skill set, and groups.
    • Content - what type of content do you want to show to your audience
    • Messaging 
  • What types of ads does LinkedIn support?

  • Can you drive traffic to your LI page, actually is there such thing as a business page similar to FB or is it only your personal profile?

  • LinkedIn tracking pixel

  • Retargeting ads

  • LinkedIn InMail ads

  • Who is LinkedIn advertising good for?
  • Shares his "why" on starting your own business, GOLD!

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